My Top 10

My Top 10 - Sarah McLachlan

I recently decided to a My Top 10 series it's pretty self explanatory I give you my Top 10 songs of my favourite artists and bands.

The first edition stars Sarah McLachlan.

Sarah McLachlan is one of those artists that has a voice like honey, that can break your heart and mend it all in one go. I became a mega fan when she released her album Afterglow in 2003 and I bought the rest of her albums shortly after that. For those of you who haven’t heard her music, she’s a Canadian grammy award winning singer songwriter. She is one of my favourite songwriters ever. You may have heard her music on films and TV shows including City of Angels and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Here’s my top 10 favourite songs

1. Sweet Surrender

2. Angel

3. Silence (Gabriel and Dresden)

4. Elsewhere

5. Perfect Girl

6. Stupid

7. Black and White

8. Possession

9. Time

10. Do What You Have To Do

Here’s a link to the playlist on Spotify and come follow me Grab a box of tissues cause your probably going to need it.